The Merchant of Dreams – Book 2

Time has passed and Mal and Coby have been living in exile in France as master and valet. Once again Mal’s dreams show him a course he must follow and he heads out to Venice to find some answers. You know, it is hard to write about this book without giving away what happens in the first book. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, because the unravelling of secrets is part of the enjoyment of the tale. Let’s just say that some answers found in the first book simply create new questions for Mal. He is intricately tied to the Skraylings, but that isn’t because he wants to be so.

Venice is an amazing city now, but the way it is described in the book makes me want to go back one more time. Anne Lyle talks about her love of the city and her desire to put a story in it on her blog. When you read how she weaves the soul of this wicked and pleasure-driven city into the heart of this story, you will understand why. Venice is simply another character here, but one that is central to the feel of the tale.

Mal, Ned and Coby face some very different problems here, and in many ways more dangerous ones. As Mal becomes embroiled with a dangerous woman, Coby has to come to grips with how she feels about him. Danger looms, beauty can be deadly and even Ned is soon embroiled in a fight for not only their lives, but the survival of the city itself.

The first book in the series is out now; the second should be out by the time you read this or soon thereafter (December 18th). The third book in the series, The Prince of Lies is scheduled to be out in October of 2013, so only ten more months to go! (Don’t you hate that when you get into a set of characters and then have to wait!) I for one am going to put that date on my calendar because I am itching to see where Mal, Coby and Ned end up and how. I just got an email back from Anne as I was writing this up. She is in the final revision of her first draft of the third book, so it looks like everything is on schedule for it!

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